Fiber-enhanced PVC hose

Being composed of the inner rubber layer, fiber enhancement layer and outer layer, the fiber-enhanced PVC hose (food grade) is a kind of flat or coiled hose for positive-pressure delivery. Its inner and outer rubber layers are independently developed by the company, and food-grade PVC processed through special formula is adopted. Hoses processed by using such materials, which are characterized by high intensity, high elongation, non-toxicity and tastelessness, are the best ones for delivery of milk, beverage, spirit, beer, jam and drinking water. Compared with steel hose and rubber hose, this kind of hose has the advantages of light mass, high delivery efficiency, soft texture, good flexibility, easy operation, fast mounting and dismounting, good mobility, strong adaptability and safety in use, etc. 

Fiber-enhanced PVC hose (food grade)

Inner rubber layer: the range of applicable temperature for PVC is -2060℃.  

Outer rubber layer: the PVC products are high pressure resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, pollution-free to drinking water.

Fiber-enhanced layer: polyester fiber, with rotated joints attached

Range of application: ideal for delivery of water, sewage, oil and powder in factory, agriculture and engineering, with a wide range of application in the food industry and health care industry.   

Technical specification

Specification (inner diameter): ?50 (2 inch) ~ ?300 (12 inch)

Working pressure: standard working pressure for each specification can be divided into two types, 1.0 Mpa and 1.6Mpa, and other working pressure can be customized as required, with the highest working pressure of 3.5Mpa;

Color: army green, black, sand yellow, with orange as the standard color of the company. Other colors can be customized as required.

Length: infinite length theoretically, but length cutting can be conducted as required by the user. 

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