Hose crimping connector

The latest all pressing type high pressure rubber hose joints which are dedicatedly designed and manufactured by combining common connecting and sealing forms in the market, referring to standards and structures of Germany, America, Japan and other countries and depending on original national relevant standard, adopt nanometer materials and select high quality steel materials produced by legal manufacturers; the rubber hose assembly has excellent oil resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance and relatively good pulse performance; pipe fittings which are necessary pipeline connecting elements in hydraulic transmission technology, have simple structure, convenient usage, good interchangeablity, reliable performance and other characteristics.

Besides, our company can provide all kinds of high quality non-standard joints, hard pipe joints, hose joints and quick couplings, etc. meeting GB, ISO, DIN and other standards; meanwhile, our company is engaged concurrently in protective caps, protective springs, hydraulic sealing elements and other products.

Pressing types for rubber hose joints and rubber hoses:

1. External skiving pressing

Need to strip external rubber layer for a certain length, applicable to GB/T 3683-92, GB/T 10544-03, DIN20022, SAE100R1A/R2A and other standard steel wire braided rubber hose and steel wire spiralled rubber hose.

2. No external skiving pressing

Simple processing technology, applicable to fiber braided rubber house and SAE100RIAT/R2AT and other types of steel wire braided rubber hose.

3. Inner and external skiving pressing

Need to strip internal and external rubber layer for a certain length, known as internal lock safety pressing rubber hose joints, applicable to GB/T10544-89 large bore hose--SAER12, DIN20023-4SH and other super high pressure steel wire spiralled rubber hose.

Rubber hose joints and rubber hose jointing types:

1. All pressing type high pressure rubber hose joints, 2. Removable type hard cover joints, 3. Vulcanized joints and low pressure pipe fittings

Rubber hose assembly and pipe connection types can be divided into: A.B.C.D.E.F.K.M.Q.WA.WB.WC.HD.HC and multi forms. There is no limit on length of rubber hose within several tenths to hundreds of meters.

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