Steel wire-framed PVC hose

As an ideal hose for delivery of hot water, oil and powder materials, it can be widely used in the food industry, health care industry and chemical industry. 


As a kind of embedded steel wire-framed transparent PVC hose, the product, with a service temperature of -20℃65℃, has the characteristics of light mass, high transparency, good weather resistance, small bending radius and strong negative pressure-bearing capacity. It is ideal for pumping and delivery of water, oil and powder materials in factory, agriculture and architectural engineering. Multi-color marker lines, which make it more beautiful, have been added to the hose surface.

(1) Being clean and transparent (fluid inside can be seen), it can be used as vacuum suction hose;

(2) It has good wear resistance and durability, as well as resistance against the external pressure;

(3) If flattened or deformed, it can be recovered by a hammer;

(4) It has excellent cold endurance, with a fracture pressure four times greater than the common pressure;

(5) Its bending radius is four times greater than its inner diameter. 

Applicable temperature: -20℃ ~ 65℃

Applicable fluids: steam, water, oil, powder, etc. 

Product display

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